These Are The Best Renovation Shows To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

There’s something so satisfying about watching a home renovation show. Whether it’s watching a couple find their dream home in the country, or newbie renovators pulling up old carpet to find beautiful hardwood floors, or interior experts racing against the clock to spruce up a space before the homeowner returns home. It’s comfort TV at its best. 
Plus, there are home renovation shows for practically every taste – from budding renovators looking for inspiration, for those dreaming of a sea or tree change, and even those who just want to sit back and watch the high-stakes drama unfold. 
This roundup includes something for everyone, including beloved Aussie renovation shows, cult classics from the UK, and reality TV series from the US that are perfect for a Sunday afternoon binge. 
So, sit back and relax as we walk you through 20 of the best home renovation shows to watch right now and exactly where you can watch them. 

1. The Block

We couldn’t round up the best renovation shows without including The Block! Australia’s favourite reno reality show celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. While the location, challenges and contestants have changed over the past two decades, the premise has remained the same – ordinary Aussie pairs compete to renovate houses and make the biggest profit at the final auction. Every year, The Block delivers plenty of drama, lots of laughs, and a treasure trove of reno inspiration. 
Where to watch: Channel Nine and 9now 

2. Love It Or List It Australia 

Hosted by Andrew Winter and Neale Whitaker, Love It Or List It Australia follows homeowners across the country who are trying to decide whether to renovate their home, or sell it and buy somewhere else. Andrew is tasked with finding the couple a new home, while Neale is tasked with renovating the couple’s existing home. At the end of the episode, the couple must decide whether they want to love or list their newly renovated home. 
Where to watch: Foxtel and Binge 

3. Queer Eye 

Queer Eye is a renovation and makeover show in one! Each episode the Fab Five – Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Tan France, and Bobby Berk (who has since left the show) – makeover their subject’s home and wardrobe, plus give them styling, cooking and entertaining tips. 
Where to watch: Netflix 

4. Selling Houses Australia 

Selling Houses follows ordinary Australians who are having trouble selling their home. The show’s experts – Andrew Winter, Denise Scott and Wendy Moore, assess the property and renovate with the goal of selling the house faster. At the end of the episode, the house is put up for sale and the result is revealed.  
Where to watch: Foxtel and Binge 

5. Murder House Flip

Murder House Flip is a reno show with a twist! Each episode, designers Joelle and Mikel visit homes where some of America’s worst crimes occurred. The pair talk the audience through the home’s history, give it a renovation and put it on the market. 

6. Grand Designs 

This beloved British renovation show, Grand Designs, premiered in 1999 and has just continued to gain fans around the world. Host Kevin McCloud follows homeowners as they embark on ambitious renovations. He meets with them beforehand to go over the plans, visits throughout the reno, and then assesses the final product and gives his opinion. 
Where to watch: Foxtel and Binge

7. Marriage or Mortgage 

Marriage or Mortgage is a home inspiration show with a unique twist. In this Netflix reality series, a wedding planner and a real estate agent compete to convince a couple to choose between their dream home or their dream wedding. 
Where to watch: Netflix 

8. Amazing Interiors 

This short-lived Netflix series features homes with unique decor themes — such as the fiction writer who has created a real-life wonderland, the horror film buff who lives among the dead, and the Hollywood home that is a human-sized dollhouse. 
Where to watch: Netflix

9. Tiny House Nation 

The popular American reality show, Tiny House Nation, sees renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin help families build their dream homes that are 500 square feet or less. The five-season series is the perfect binge. 
Where to watch: Netflix 

10. Restoration Australia 

In this beloved Aussie renovation show Restoration Australia, host and Architecture Professor Anthony Burke follows restoration enthusiasts through the ups and downs of their restoration projects. Featuring historic buildings across Australia, Restoration Australia is part reno show, part history lesson. 
Where to watch: ABC iView 

11. Get Organised with the Home Edit 

This Netflix series motivated people around the world to organise their homes when it first premiered in 2020. The series follows professional home organisers Clea and Joanna, as they declutter clients’ homes and create stunning organisational solutions. 
Where to watch: Netflix 

12. Country Home Rescue with Shaynna Blaze 

Country Home Rescue follows The Block judge Shaynna Blaze and her two children, Carly and Jess, while they renovate a dilapidated historical home in regional Victoria. The series follows the family through building restrictions, delays, and COVID restrictions as they slowly build their dream home. 
Where to watch: 9Now

13. Selling in the City 

Selling in the City is a new spin-off series of the long-running series Selling House Australia. In the series, we follow designer Rosie Morley and landscape artist Paddy Milne as they renovate the interior and exterior of houses in some of the country’s most sought after suburbs. 
Where to watch: Foxtel and Binge 

14. Fixer Upper 

This American reality series follows Chip and Joanna Gaines, as they work with clients to turn their dilapidated houses into sought after properties. 
Where to watch: 9Now 

15. Interior Design Masters

This British reality TV show sees ten interior designers compete to win a contract with a prestigious commercial client. Their work is judged by comedian Alan Carr and magazine editor Michelle Ogundehin. 
Where to watch: Foxtel, Binge and Netflix

16. Country House Hunters Australia 

In this Aussie series, host Catriona Rowntree guides ten couples on their search to find the perfect country home. Featuring plenty of house porn and lush country landscapes, Country House Hunters Australia is a comfort watch, perfect for a Sunday afternoon binge. 
Where to watch: 9Now

17. Instant Dream Home 

Get the tissues ready, this heartwarming makeover series follows families who are surprised by a home renovation that is completed in just one day. 
Watch to watch: Netflix 

18. Dream Home Makeover 

Dream Home Makeover follows Shea and Syd McGee as they make real family's dreams come true. Each episode, the married couple makeover a family’s home to suit their unique lifestyle. 
Where to watch: Netflix

19. Instant Hotel 

This cult hit series saw ordinary Australian couples compete to turn their homes into the best instant hotel. The couples travelled around the country, staying in each other’s ‘instant hotel’ for a night and judging it. A reality TV show at its heart, Instant Hotel features plenty of drama, questionable design choices and laugh out loud moments. 
Where to watch: 7Plus 

20. Motel Makeover 

This one-season reality series follows best friends April and Sarah, as they embark on their dream of renovating an old motel during the pandemic. The series follows the besties-turn-business partners from the beginning of the project, to the messy middle where they are over budget and behind schedule, right up until the final reveal. 
Where to watch: Netflix
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