If You’re A Fan of Curtain Bangs, This Is The Haircut You Need To Try

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If you're on BeautyTok, you'll be no stranger to the ever-changing haircut trends we've seen in 2023. From the 'oval layer' haircut to the 'U-shape' haircut and even the 'diamond cut,' it seems that every week, there's a new technique taking salons by storm.
And while 'curtain bangs' have been around for a while, recent rumblings are talking about the rise of its big sister, the Curtain Cut. With inspiration from the bouncy, windswept nature of curtain bangs, the curtain cut is all about extending that layered feel throughout the entire length of your hair.
It's not quite as choppy as a butterfly cut, and contains more layers than a shag. The style evokes a sense of '90s nostalgia and we're willing to bet it'll be the next big thing. To understand the trending cut, we called in a few experts. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about the curtain cut trend.

How does the Curtain Cut differ from the Butterfly cut or the Shag?

Now, we know what you're thinking: isn't this just the butterfly cut blow-dried differently? And the answer to that would be no (seriously, hear us out). While they may look a bit similar, celebrity hairstylist Alex Fuchs explains, "The curtain cut is kind of like a butterfly cut, but with more emphasis on the curtain bangs."
In his eyes, the wolf cut actually acted as the genesis for these styles. "We often see a more dramatic cut like the wolf cut kicking off trends and then evolving into more consumer-friendly trends like the butterfly or curtain cuts," he explained. "The curtain cut really focuses on heavy layering around the face, for that curtain-like shape."
Fellow hairstylist Uros Mikic agrees. "The curtain cut brings the focus to the front, with attention given to the middle-parted bangs which blend into face-framing layers," he says.
Highlighting the difference even further, Mikic adds, "Layers in a butterfly cut also turn away from the face rather than framing the face. The shag has more choppy layers that look tousled, and has a more edgy vibe. The great thing about the curtain cut is that it takes elements from both of these styles and brings them together."

Does the curtain cut suit particular hair lengths or face shapes?

"The curtain cut can suit most hair lengths, unlike the butterfly cut which requires longer hair to achieve the layers at the back," Mikic tells Refinery29 Australia. "Since the layers are focused on the front, you can have shoulder-length hair to achieve this look. The style is front-heavy, so it’s important to consider if you have enough hair to hold the style."

What is the best way to style the curtain cut?

Both our experts agree that the best way to style the curtain cut is by blowdrying the hair with a round brush. "Rough dry your hair first so it's around 80-90% dry, then use a round brush to smooth out each strand, ensuring you're blow-drying away from the face. Make sure you're rolling the round brush at the edges to get that flick! This technique creates a lot of volume and really shows off the layers," Fuchs explains.
"If you're not comfortable blowdrying then you can use larger rollers to style this cut," says Mikic. Fuchs agrees, saying "Velcro rollers are your friend if you have them around."
Both Mikic and Fuchs also suggest adding dry shampoo, either to create volume and add texture to the look, or to freshen the style the next day. Fuchs suggests Batiste volume dry shampoo, $9.99 while Mikic says that Revlon Professional Style Masters Reset dry shampoo, $22.95 will do the trick.
Mikic also suggests using a heat protectant at the beginning of your routine to help protect the hair and retain moisture. His favourite option is the Revlon Professional UniqOne treatment, $22.95.

What should you ask for at the salon?

Of course, achieving the curtain cut is all about asking for the right thing at the salon and making sure you're specific with your hairstylist. "Ask for a combination of the shag and butterfly cut or a butterfly cut with face-framing bangs," Mikic suggests. Both hairstylists also suggest bringing in reference imagery to ensure that you and your hairdresser are on the same page.
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