Care Packages That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Lockdown

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Amongst the rediscoveries we've made during lockdown (matching loungewear, the joy of completing a puzzle and mandatory mask-wearing), there's one that feels particularly comforting: the sending (or receiving) of care packages.
Care packages of yore — boxes filled with everything from utility buys (toothpaste, gee, thanks!) to little random goodies (another stationery set?) and treats (OMFG, Reese's PB Cups) — were sent by loved ones (hi, mum and dad) while we were away from home, often for the first time.
Today, many of us are again separated from the important people in our lives thanks to lockdowns. So to help bridge the distance between you and the people you love and miss most, we've rounded up a few care package ideas worth bookmarking in case you know someone who could use one right about now.