12 Pairs Of Chunky Loafers That Are Perfect For Winter

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When looking to stock up on shoes for winter, our options have traditionally left us with an option of boots or, well, boots. But thanks to brands like Prada, Gucci and Tod's, we've noticed that the fastidious loafer has gotten an edgy, chunky rewrite in fashion, answering our calls for boot-alternative shoes that still pack a punch.
Ask anyone and they'll tell you, there is something tangibly powerful about wearing thick-soled shoes. Maybe it's the inches they add, or their ability to stomp through puddles unscathed, but it's a feeling that we're ready to ride straight through the chilly season.
Don't get us wrong, boots will always have a place in our hearts. But thick loafers, sturdy enough to endure the elements and keep us snug, allow us to expand our seasonal shopping horizons and make styling wide-leg bottoms and mini skirts all the more fun.
Ahead, find 12 bulked-up loafers that will help you stomp into the season.
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