4 Christmas Decor Aesthetics Fit For Festive Tablescaping

Image via intothesauce/Instagram.
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The Christmas tree is up, Mariah and Michael’s dulcet tones are echoing through the supermarket and pavlova is back on the menu. Yes, the festive season is finally here. In the world of homeware, that means one thing: it's time to make our spaces extra joyful in preparation for eating, drinking and merrymaking — bad cracker jokes and all. 
Tablescaping is an excellent way to do this. Not only will a dreamy-looking table fill your guests with anticipation from the moment they step into the room, but a nice set of napkins and ornaments will go a long way to cover up the fact that you may or may not have burned the ham.
Click through to find some super simple ideas to get your table looking especially Christmassy ahead of the big day.
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