14 Great Mariah Carey Christmas Songs That Aren’t “All I Want For Christmas (Is You)”

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage.
All you want for Christmas is to hear Mariah Carey on repeat. It's why you've kept Carey's "All I Want For Christmas (Is You)" on loop since Black Friday. Seriously, we get it, every time the Queen of Christmas Music hits those high notes an angel gets its wings, possibly. It sounds good, though, right? The problem is not everyone wants to just hear that song until December the 26th. (It was recently voted the most annoying Christmas song in a UK poll.) Especially since, fun fact, you could reasonably listen to that iconic four-minute-long track just under 360 times in the span of 24 hours. We definitely don't advise this. What we do suggest though is branching out and pressing play on the best Mariah Carey Christmas songs that aren't "All I Want For Christmas (Is You)."
Oh yes, they do exist — Carey's got two Christmas albums under her belt: Merry Christmas, which just got a 2019 deluxe anniversary edition, and Merry Christmas II You, which includes an "extra festive" version of "All I Want For Christmas (Is You)," FYI — and we're happy to help you find them.
For your Christmas playlist, throw in a few of Carey's perhaps lesser-known festive songs like a Santa-centric bop from this decade and a sweet birthday song for Jesus. Add a few covers of holiday staples, including a duet with her opera singer mum, or some other Carey originals that should get you in the Christmas spirit. At the very least, these will definitely make your next Mariah Carey-oake Christmas party a bit more interesting.

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