28 Festive Nail Art Ideas That Are Not Snowmen

Image via: nailsbymh/Instagram.
If the holidays bring out your inner Mariah Carey, we’re all for whistle-singing your heart out. But that doesn’t mean every part of your seasonal celebrations has to be completely OTT if that’s not your vibe.
When it comes to holiday manicures, sticking to the subtle side of festive makes it easier to max out the versatility. That way, it’ll work all season long, whether you’re having a Christmas movie marathon, tucking in for a family feast, or glamming up for the NYE fireworks.
For holiday nail art ideas that steer clear of the obvious, we looked to the mani pros. No snowmen here — unless you want them! — these designs take a less literal approach but still feel special enough for even the fanciest nights out. Take these inspo shots to the salon for your next appointment and know that even your fingertips are in on the Xmas spirit.
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