10 Women On Their Break-Up Hair Transformations (With Pictures)

Image Courtesy of Gráinne.
There are several stages you go through after a bad break-up: disbelief (can this be happening?), denial (this isn't happening), anger (I hate you!), rage (I never loved you anyway and I'm going to sleep with all your friends) and acceptance (maybe it was all for the best really). Then it's haircut time.

Maybe it's the relationship rug being pulled out from under your feet that makes you reassess every other part of your life but often, when we need to feel and see immediate change, our hair seems like a good place to start (and it's less painful than getting that ill-advised tattoo of their name on your forearm removed). For some, including the inimitable Lizzo, a 'shampoo press' is enough to get someone out of your hair but others need a more dramatic change – something that says 'I've changed and I'm moving on'.
We asked 10 women to recount their big break-ups and the hair transformations that followed. Click through to read their stories and see the before and after pictures...

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