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Street View: What People Are Wearing In Mount Druitt, Sydney

Welcome to Street View, a fortnightly series where we document everyday people's style for outfit inspo purposes.
In this instalment, photographer Sim Kaur hit the streets of Mount Druitt.
Inner western suburbs such as Marrickville and Newtown have reputations as the eccentric homes of grunge and alt culture, and further out in Parramatta, underground culture reigns supreme. But in Mount Druitt locals push the boundaries of mainstream Australian fashion on the daily; combining elements of coveted streetwear brands, thrifted finds and items borrowed from loved ones, through the lens of their respective cultures.
The western Sydney suburb has been the subject of misinformation for years and subsequently inherited an undeserved reputation as a 'rough' neighbourhood. However, in reality, Mount Druitt is a multicultural hub that's home to many of Sydney's most exciting young creatives, contributing unique perspectives to the fashion, music and artistic communities, respectively.
Here, we see an entourage of fresh and real 'fits that reflect the energy of community and multiculturalism that can be felt in the streets of the great western suburb. Namika's jewellery is handmade and inspired by her Nepalese heritage, Feker copped most of her head-to-toe denim ensemble from the thrift store, and Malieta stole her cargos from her sister.
Ahead, check out the cool vibes of the 21 locals we snapped in Mount Druitt.
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