The Best Shampoo Bars That Actually Work

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We'll admit that shampoo bars weren't exactly on our radar up until recent years, when the push for eco-friendliness hit the industry hard — and for good reason. Climate change is the most serious issue we're facing right now, and both brands and consumers have found themselves looking for ways to make the beauty business more sustainable. Product packaging has been one major sticking point: Who needs all those single-use face wipes and plastic bottles when you can have reusable makeup-removing towels and shampoo bars?
As the name implies, these solid shapes are meant to clean your hair just like the stuff in the pump bottle, without the difficult-to-recycle packaging. Shampoo bars have historically gotten a bad rap for having less lather, weaker cleansing capabilities, and more stripping formulas than their liquid counterparts, but a number of formidable new formulas on the market are putting those assumptions to rest.
Ahead, the shampoo bars we tried and loved.
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