The Best Plus-Size Bras, From Super Comfortable To Super Sexy

The days of dainty lace and sexy, strappy knickers being reserved for women size 12 and under are well and truly history. In fact, there's an increasing number of lingerie brands making seductive underwear and bras for the plus-size community.
Working out how to pick the right bra though, is never an easy task, so we asked Triumph bra fitting specialist Kate Minin for her guidelines.
“My most important tip — get fitted professionally!” she says, adding that our bodies are constantly changing, and therefore so will our bra size. “One fitting three years ago doesn't mean you necessarily know the size you are now.”
If you’ve got a bigger cup size, Minin says back support is crucial. “Go for styles with thicker straps and a wider band with more hooks,” she suggests, saying three-band hooks are best for bigger busts as the band should be doing most of the supporting, not the straps. “A bra should fit snugly enough around the body so that the straps can be dropped off the shoulder and the bra stays put.”
It’s also a common mistake to stick with the same cup size if you move to a bigger or smaller band size. The best way to determine if you have the wrong cup size is visually. Do you have overflow at the top or sides? You probably need to go up a cup size. If there is space inside the cup or the material bunches, you need a smaller cup size.
Below is our edit of the best bra styles, from soft and comfortable everyday styles to sexy, strappy lingerie.

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