From Chunky Stompers To ’70s Suede, These Are The Best Loafers For Transitional Dressing

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Sandal trends come and go every summer, with one or two styles making it big for a season before teetering off into the sunset. The same goes for boots — one year, all anyone can talk about are biker soles; the next year, cowboy boots reign supreme. That isn’t the case with loafers though, which have become a staple in our year-round wardrobe since stepping out of the worlds of business and academia. Dodging puddles in spring, toughening up a slip dress in summer, paired with our cosiest woolly socks come winter…you get the picture.
Saying this, no season screams loafer quite like autumn. How better to transition into the cooler temperatures, crunch through leaves and look every bit a long-lost extra from Gilmore Girls? Put it down to the siren call of back-to-school dressing that still has us in its grip, even as adults. 
Whatever your loafer-shaped poison, we’ve found them all: classic black, chunky and statement, '70s-style suede, chic and heeled, backless or earthy tan. Read on for our picks.

Chunky and platform loafers

When talking about chunky loafers, naturally Prada comes to mind. This pair, the Brushed Leather Monolith style, is the loafer equivalent of the lace-up shoes that Wednesday Addams wears in season one of Netflix’s Wednesday. You don’t need to shell out nearly $2000 on a pair of perfectly clunky shoes though. Dr. Martens and Vagabond are our go-tos for similar stompers at a fraction of the price; ASOS is even cheaper.

Classic black loafers

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of classic black loafers, whether you err on the chunkier side or opt for a sleek pointed toe. For extra interest, we also love designs with gold horse bit detailing. It adds a luxe touch to an otherwise simple wardrobe staple.

Heeled loafers

This style combines the best of both worlds: the solid, traditionally masculine silhouette of a loafer with the height and elegance of a heel. Add to cart if the phrase 'business casual' has a recurring part in your repertoire.

Suede loafers

Suede loafers naturally feel softer and more casual than their leather counterparts. With their distinctive top stitching, many also fall into moccasin territory, adding to their retro charm. Roll up your jeans and wear with your chunkiest woollen socks for a cool coffee-run look.

White loafers

Nothing says 'I'm cool as a cucumber' like crisp white loafers. Just avoid rainy days and muddy walks.

Backless loafers

Consider these the grown-up, more refined version of your favourite slides or slippers. They’re brunch- or work-appropriate yet just as comfy. 

Tan loafers

What goes best with an autumn colour palette? Loafers in various shades of earthy brown leather, of course!
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