Relive Your Teen Years With These High School Movies

Photo: Moviestore/Shutterstock.
After days of binge-watching teen shows like Euphoria, 13 Reasons Why, The Society, Never Have I Ever, and Riverdale, you’ve probably been plunged into memories of your own high school experiences. Long days punctuated by the ringing of the bell. The politics of eye contact in the halls. Pimples on prom night. Scheming to sneak away from parents’ rules. Long afternoons with so much homework you doubt the toil will ever cease.
During our high school years, emotions abound, drama cuts deep, and everything runs amuck. Some films capture the darkness that can gather when you put enough kids in a confined space. Others celebrate the edge of adulthood with humour, poignancy, and grace. And yet others do so with fart jokes, which are alright, too.
It’s safe to say most people don’t want to go back to high school. But by watching these movies set in moments of childhood and young adulthood, you'll remember a more eager iteration of yourself. Someone for whom the world was yet untasted and untrodden.
Let’s go back to the days when wagging was the ultimate victory.
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