The Best Teen Shows To Watch On Netflix

Photo: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix.
Nothing could convince me to take a time machine back to high school. As for watching TV youths deal with teen drama? I'll forever say "More, please."
High school shenanigans on TV rarely represent actual teenagehood. Often, teen shows are sexier, shinier, and far more melodramatic than what the average real-life 16-year-old experiences.
While the drama may have us continuing to binge, what keeps us truly emotionally invested is that high school-centric shows are about a time in a person's life where there certainly feels like there's a lot at stake. We're simply more vulnerable as teens — blame the hormones and lack of control.
This is why teen shows are so perfect to binge: They bring you back to a time when things were, well, intense... without actually having to revisit your days of braces, GCSE prep, and angst.
Netflix has a slew of great options for when you want to spend hours in high school. Click through to read about the best teen shows you can watch on the streaming platform right now.

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