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42 Gift Ideas That’ll Show Your Best Friend That No One Knows Them Like You Do

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Wondering what gifts to buy your friends this Christmas? We can relate. How do you even begin to find the perfect Christmas present for the person who you rant to over glasses of Sauv Blanc and who helps you organise your impulse purchases into keeps and throw-aways? Choosing the best gifts for your best friends is tricky — because, while you’ll talk to them at length about anything under the sun, you don’t want to ruin the holiday surprise by straight-up asking your BFF what they want for Christmas this year. You have to be able to read their mind like they read yours, obviously.
Are you lucky enough to have a ride-or-die best bud who’s by your side as you queue up that Mariah Carey album, bookmark wreath-making tutorials on Pinterest, and make an exhaustive gift list as the Christmas season approaches? Don’t worry, friend — we’ll take it from here. From Swiftie swag to a bedside lamp in the shape of their favourite snack (we’re talking about baked goods, not Harry Styles), we've found dozens of gifts that say “ILYSM” to your best pal — because maybe you and this person do share a brain, after all.
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