From Fluffy To Sand-Free: The Best Towels For Long Summer Days At The Beach

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While everyone else has their heads in the seasonal clouds of Australia's best beaches, flowy house dresses, and the best new swimsuits, we're grounding our attention on one of summer 2023's unsung staples: the beach towel.
A workhorse accessory that goes beyond the beach to park picnics and backyard sunbathing, these larger-than-your-average towels are everything from durable to comfortable and cute.
We went ahead and curated a collection of the best and brightest beach towels of the season — including everything from lightweight Turkish styles to plush oversized iterations and a few affordable old faithfuls. If you're still relying on that lacklustre bath rag for your upcoming sun-scapades, then consider the vibrant bunch of beach towels featured below.
Scroll through and treat yourself to a new beach towel that will keep you feeling dry and looking fresh all summer.

Best Luxury Beach Towels

If you're bummed that you can't bring your Gucci bag to the beach without ruining the lining, bring the next best thing: a designer towel. Whether it's for the labels or the high-quality materials, these beach towels will envelop you in luxury and make a big statement on the shore.

Best Affordable Beach Towels

On the flipside, beach towels that don't make such a big dent in your wallet are also a great option. Cotton On, Surf Stitch, and H&M are perfect sites to shop for some quality threads at low prices.

Best Cotton Towels

When it comes to cotton, you can't go wrong with Canningvale, Business & Pleasure Co. or Sheridan. These oversized sheets are your safest bet if you want a bright, absorbent, and classic beach towel that you can take anywhere.

Best Turkish Beach Towels

Turkish beach towels are named after their soft and lightweight Turkish cotton material. Rather than drying you off, these towels are perfect for laying out on the sand, fluffing over the grass for a picnic, or cuddling with on summer nights. Plus, they double as a sarong, which is just plain convenient.

Best Sand-Free Beach Towels

While we love the beach, there's nothing more annoying than bringing a beach-worth of sand home with you. These sand-free beach towels will keep you stylish, dry and comfortable, no matter how many sandcastles you build.
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