Life’s A Beach: The Best Aussie Swimwear Brands To Dip Into This Summer

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Though the dreary weather could have you fooled, summer is here! And if there’s anything we Aussies do well, it’s swimwear. With our proximity to some of the finest beaches in the world, it’s no wonder we’re also home to some of the best swimwear on the market. Whether your preference is classic and timeless, or you have a penchant for itty bitty 'kinis with too many straps and graphic prints, there’s really no need to look beyond our humble shores. 
Now, we know that swimmers tend to pile up, but because they’re something we’re not likely to toss away in a hurry (shout out to the ten-year-old tankini I never quite gave up on), they’re generally something worth investing a little more time and money into. Plus, they’re generally pretty stretchy and can grow with you further than other wardrobe items.
From the perfect one-piece, to statement bikinis, the right swimmers are out there for you, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Ahead, we nail down our all-time favourite homegrown swimwear brands.

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