Tried & Tested: 6 Brands That Actually Get Plus-Size Swimwear Right

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Not too long ago, the only swimwear options available for plus-size people were at the back of the racks at fast fashion stores. They were often designed in a way that suggested we should cover up as much as possible, and that we didn’t deserve the same cute styles that our straight-sized friends got to wear.
The dregs on offer were often in the form of three-quarter board shorts or floral mumus — both of which are comfy in their own right, but we deserve more. The fashion industry was telling us to keep our rolls and chunky thighs at home. Well, screw that. All bodies are beach bodies, and plus-size people deserve access to cute bathers just like everyone else!
Thankfully, brands are starting to get the memo and plus-size babes can now access heaps of different swimwear styles — whether you want to show as much skin as possible on the beach, are exploring what feels right for you with a bikini and a cover-up, or feel a bit more comfortable in a one-piece.
Read on for our edit of the best swimwear for plus-size shoppers.
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