‘Call Me Grandma In Bed’: The Most Outrageous Stories On Reddit’s Am I The Asshole?

In the dark depths of the Internet lies a corner for catharsis. For grief, for laughs and, on occasion, unbridled rage. From suffocating mothers-in-law to petty friend feuds and a whole lot of wedding-related drama, Reddit's Am I The Asshole thread (previously known as AITA) has become a sanctuary for anonymous venters to divulge their behavioural dilemmas to the world, asking the dreaded question: Am I the asshole?
We've all wondered it at some point. People are confusing creatures and navigating each other's moods and behaviours leaves us constantly scratching our heads. But relying on our own judgement or that of those close to us doesn't always give us the hard truths we need to hear. Luckily AITA allows a jury of Internet strangers to rule on our personal choices, giving us some insight, validation or in some cases, hopefully some much-needed self-reflection.
While the stories range from highly nuanced to unbelievably absurd, they're always a riot to indulge in, and what's even more entertaining are the thousands of truly wild comments they fetch.
As big fans of the notorious subreddit, we thought we'd round up some of our favourite posts that have stuck with us. Ahead, twelve Am I The Asshole? stories that are sure to leave your jaw on the floor.

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