How Much 10 Aussie Women Have Made From Investing

Person sitting on a pile of money.
We're all for money transparency — whether it's normalising salary talk, or discussing balances of our superannuation and savings accounts with peers, we're of the opinion that the more open we are about finances, the more we'll learn.
Especially because our money journeys and stories all look different. While most of us are happy to share memories of our first jobs, our pathways to earning money beyond that become more complex.
We have the option to freelance, start side hustles, heck, to even become influencers. Ways to make cash are endless and investing money is one way people choose to make their green go further.
It's the big 'I' word that has its associations with bro-y mansplainers and "suit" types. But the reality is that the community of Aussie women investors is growing. In 2020, women made up 45% of new investors and were found to make up 51% of those planning to invest.
More of us are doing it, or planning on starting. We're also good at it; we outperform our male investors by 1.8%.
Below, we hear from 10 Refinery29 Australia readers who are already on their investment journey. They share how much they've made and the tips they have for fellow budding investors. (BTW, the answers here are general in nature and shouldn't be taken as financial advice.)
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