25 Aussie Influencers Spill On Their Highest-Paid Brand Collaboration

Illustrated by Maya Brasnovic.
The opaque industry of influencer marketing remains one of the most polarising topics of our time. Those who scroll from the sidelines either sigh with envy, wishing that they too could pocket thousands by posting an effortless selfie, while others grumble about the narcissistic nature of it all. 
Wherever you stand on the matter, you can't deny that it's a seductive career choice, with the global industry worth an eye-watering $18.6 billion this year alone. But without unions, minimum wages, and HR departments, it's hard to know where individual influencers stand financially. Apart from whispers between fellow content creators, there's not a lot of transparency, even more so for the non-influencers among us. How many times a day do you see an #AD or #Sponsored disclosure and feel a pang of curiosity at the same time? 
Here at Refinery29, we love to talk about money, whether it's lifting the lid on how much women have in their savings account or the donations they deem appropriate for a wedding wishing wells. Albeit voyeuristic, we also think normalising these conversations help people build healthy relationships with money.
So, here are 25 Australian influencers on how much they made from their highest-paid Instagram collaborations.
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