Exactly How Much Aussie Women Are Earning From Their Side Hustles

The 'side hustle' has come a long way since it meant picking up chores around the house for extra coins. It's an umbrella term for second (or third) jobs, passive income and the monetisation of your hobbies.
It's something that more and more of us are leaning into; last year, there was a record number of Australians who reported that they work more than one job.
While that may be a grim reminder of our capitalist system where underemployment is rife, it could also be a sign that the traditional 9-5 model isn't for everyone.
Side hustles don't have to be all-consuming either... We asked Aussie women to share how much they earn from their side hustles, as well as any tips they have for others in the same boat.
Ahead, 10 women — whose side hustles vary from clothing hire businesses to being a tour guide — tell all.
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