13 Aussies On Exactly How Much Their Rent Has Gone Up This Year

Image via Getty Images.
We don't need to tell you that we're going through a cost of living crisis. You can feel it. Our bills are bigger, our weekly grocery trip receipts make us involuntarily gasp, petrol is up, inflation is up and our savings are down.
One of the biggest costs weighing on us is the rising rent prices. Compared to the same time last year, September's rates were up 10.3% on last year's, according to property data firm PropTrack.
The average weekly rental price has now risen to $480 — $1,920 a month. Melbourne felt the blow the most; in the September quarter, rent prices climbed 3.5%, followed by Brisbane's 3.4% increase.
How are young Aussies coping? We opened up our DMs to Refinery29 Australia readers and asked them to tell us how their rent has changed since the beginning of 2022. From suburb moves to demanding landlords, here's what they make of the rent changes.
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