12 Women Who Have No Savings Explain Why Their Accounts Are Empty

Earlier this year, we ran a story in which real women were refreshingly honest about how much money was in their savings accounts — and how they got there. While answers ranged from $24 to $200k, we only had one person state their savings as under $1000.
To us, this didn't feel representative of people's financial positions right now, especially as we face this cost of living crisis. Not everyone has savings to cushion them, or a family network that is able to support them. And with waves of redundancies through the pandemic and rising interest rates to add to the mix, not having a lot of extra cash is perfectly understandable. While we're all for creating a base emergency fund for your own stability, it's fair enough if you're over the idea of saving for a rainy day and just keen to live it up while you can.
To get a better picture of what everyone's dealing with, we decided to ask the question again — this time using $0 as the only value allowed.
Ahead, 12 women share why they have no savings right now and what it means for them.
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