Cowboy Hats & Faux Fur: Alternative Glamour Will Reign This Party Season

It’s hard to imagine, but party season is upon us. And if you haven’t clocked it already, it’s gonna be a wild one. 
Not only are we bidding adieu to a year that was not our own, but we’re also toasting to a new era of vaxxed-up joy, free of lockdowns ahead.
But the question is, once we're done burning the sweats and leggings, remains: what do we wear to toast in style?
After what feels like years in a pandemic, we're effectively done with functional. Goodbye hygge, cosiness and neutral knit sets. Good riddance to ugly shoes and athleisure. All we want to do right about now is throw on a dress with some precarious nipple coverage, uncomfortable shoes and pretty jewels that make an impact and don't get in the way of a good boogie — frankly, we deserve it.
If you ask us, the mood for party season dressing has been ceremoniously set by Gucci’s latest Love Parade Spring ‘22 show. Appropriately shutting down Hollywood Boulevard for the show, Alessandro Michele's impeccable vision was realised as a display of grandiose pleasures. Showing us how indulgence isn’t just a way of life but also just great inspiration for your holiday dressing.
With famous faces like Jodie Turner-Smith, Phoebe Bridgers and McAuley Culkin taking to the runway, the collection was a whimsical celebration of uninhibited decadence. Think ostrich feathering, lace, and the sheerest fabrics mixed with leather corseting and tailored pieces in throwback prints. And for accessories, looks were polished off with bolo ties, statement jewellery and chunky platforms — we’ve been walking comfortably for long enough, right? 
A mood that can only be described as Hollywood starlet meets Cowboy Librarian, this alternative take on glamour is all about embracing the clash of propriety and fun. Coming together in an amalgam of aesthetics not traditionally thrown together, the collection’s boldness speaks to a greater movement we’re seeing in fashion. One where designers are embracing the old days of glamour with reckless abandon to practicality, and challenging what it means to dress sexy, and it's not for the faint of heart.
Australian designer Christopher Esber understood the assignment with his latest ready-to-wear collection, too. Channelling ‘explicit femininity’ with sheer fabrics, quartz detailing and glitzy textures, the collection was a stunning presentation of where party season could take us.
So how does one go about channelling this audacious aesthetic? Take a dip into your old costume box and we're sure you'll find something worthy of a night on the town. The trick is in getting the formulation right. Simply borrow an element of Old Hollywood, Cowboy, and Librarian Chic aesthetics to create the ultimate party look for all occasions.
No matter where your holiday plans take you, you can't go wrong with lacey corsets and slip dresses layered under retro tailoring. Try a satin blouse with a micro waistcoat, shift mini dress with leggings, or a statement coat with hurts-so-good stilettos.

And while you may not get away with the Gucci star pasties at your office Christmas party, the aesthetic certainly calls for some business. Dusty tweed prints, oversized specs and hosiery inject the perfect twist of preppiness into the mix. 
And, of course, everyone knows that the accessories are where the real fun is at.
Amplify your look with ostentatious jewels, particularly of the emerald and sapphire hued variety. Tiaras are not only welcome but encouraged. So too are brooches. And if you're not one for shiny things, consider a bowtie or bolo tie this festive season.
Though we seldom look at headgear for party attire, this is the season of the cowboy hat and you can’t tell us otherwise. Whether it’s suiting, flouncy dresses or even a topless dress code, the cowboy hat will serve you well.
It's a new era of party dressing and life as we've known it. Something to get a little dressed up for, in our opinions.

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