Meet The Contestants Of The Block 2024… Including The Rumoured Couple That Quits

Blockheads, it's almost time! Our favourite renovation show The Block is almost upon us for 2024. Nine has finally shared details of the new season, including the location and a list of contestants. But in a surprising twist, we'll also be seeing some old familiar faces resurface on the show in celebration of its 20th season!
The 2024 season of The Block is set to take place on Phillip Island, a tranquil island location just 90 minutes from Melbourne. In a fun twist, the couples won't be renovating any old homes — they'll be tackling luxury family holiday homes in an abandoned resort!
But what couples will actually be competing? We've sleuthed out all the details we can find on the new batch of The Block couples for 2024, including the rumours that one of these couples will be departing the competition halfway through filming! Warning: potential spoilers ahead.

What Couples Are Competing On The Block 2024?

The couples competing on the 2024 season of The Block are:
- Jesse and Paige
- Maddy and Charlotte
- Courtney and Grant
- Ricky and Haydn
- Kylie and Brad
- Kristian and Mimi
Here's everything we know about each of them.

Courtney and Grant: Red Team (House 2)

The red team this year are set to be a young married couple called Courtney (32) and Grant (29).
Courtney is an events account director and furniture designer, so we think that she'll be great at not just time management but also interior design!
Meanwhile, Grant is a landscape business development manager. Does this mean we should expect some A+ gardens from him?

Ricky and Haydn: Yellow Team (House 3)

Set to be the pranksters of the season, Ricky (34) and Haydn (37) are best mates from Victoria.
Ricky works as a plumber so we might see him doing some extra handy work around the house, whilst Haydn is an IT worker, which might make his foray into home renovations a little more difficult.
Residents on Phillip Island have spotted the young lads wearing fish shoes instead of work boots, so expect these two to give us some much-needed laughs!

Kylie and Brad: Green Team

Sporting neon green hair, of course, Kylie (37) and her partner Brad (32) were put on the green team for this season of The Block.
Kylie is a hairdresser and business owner (which explains the fab locks), whilst Brad is an electrician and plumber, which will be incredibly useful on The Block.
These married parents from Queensland are reportedly already fan favourites to Phillip Island locals, stopping to take selfies with fans and buying homewares from local stores on the island, rather than big chain stores on the mainland. We love couples who shop local!

Kristian and Mimi: Purple Team

Kristian (31) and Mimi (28) are newlyweds from South Australia.
Kristian is an electrician so we can expect him to get on the tools, while Mimi is a restaurant manager who's rumoured to have quite the eye for design.
It's been widely reported that Mimi and Kristian are set to be the "villains" of this season.
"If you think Kristy and Brett were divisive to viewers, well you ain't seen nothing yet," an anonymous source told Yahoo Lifestyle. "The feeling is that we have bought some serious dynamite with these two and we are just waiting for an explosion."
This tracks with an official statement from creator Julian Cress about the new season, with the creator saying this of the new season: “We set out to build five holiday houses, but it certainly wasn’t a holiday for some of our contestants. Without giving too much away, the audience is going to be in for some major surprises across this series.” 
And one of the biggest surprises could be in the form of the blue team, Jesse and Paige...

Jesse and Paige: Blue Team (House 1)

Jesse (29) and Paige (27) are an engaged couple from Western Australia. While Paige works as a claims specialist, Jesse is a carpenter, which is set to give the team a big advantage in the competition.
However, spoilers ahead, rumours have been swirling that Jesse and Paige leave the competition early. Yep, an insider has told Yahoo Lifestyle that a couple left the competition due to the high-stress environment.
“They were definitely not kicked off the show though, it was on their own accord,” the source told the publication in mid-April, adding that we'll get to see it all "unfold" on the show when it airs later this year.
“Producers felt blindsided by their decision to quit. It certainly wasn’t on their bingo card when they cast the season,” the insider said. “None of the other teams had noticed anything too unusual and everyone was left gobsmacked when the Western Australian team fled Phillip Island.”
Damn, a couple leaving?! That's big news. But don't worry, it looks like the show producers swiftly found a new couple to fill their place.

So, What Team Will Replace Jesse & Paige?

Maddy & Charlotte: New Blue Team

Rumours have been swirling that sisters Maddy and Charlotte got the call up to jump into the show to finish the job that Jesse and Paige started.
While they might be late to the game, the women aren't renovation rookies by any means. Real Estate reports that the women have previously renovated an old 1950s weatherboard cottage together, so this definitely falls in their wheelhouse.

What Allstars Will Be Joining The Block 2024?

Given it's the 20th season of The Block, all the stops have been pulled out this year, including a bunch of Allstars joining the cast. The returning Allstar Blockheads include:
- Steph and Gian (2023)
- Eliza and Liberty (2023)
- Jimmy and Tam (2020)
- Alisa and Lysandra (2013, 2014)
- Ronnie and Georgia (2020, 2021)
- Michael and Carlene (2014)
- Kyal and Kara (2014)
- Tom and Sarah-Jane (2022)
- Omar and Oz (2022)
- Dale and Sophie (2012)
- Andy and Deb (2019)
Keep checking back as we'll update this page with more details as they come through.
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