“I Do Not Condone Bullying” — Darren Palmer Addresses The Ongoing Drama On The Block

We've just hit the halfway mark of The Block 2023 and it's shaping up to be the most dramatic season in the home renovation show's history.
While there have been plenty of beautiful room reveals this season, the renovation side of the show has often been overshadowed by the drama between the contestants.
Now, judge Darren Palmer has weighed in on the ongoing drama on his Instagram stories.
During a Q&A on his Instagram Stories after Sunday's Master Bedroom room reveal, a fan of the show asked Palmer what he thought about the "behaviour of House 2 and 3 on The Block this year?"
“It’s fortunate we don’t hear about or see anything that happens during the week. Keeps judging fair and subjective. I do not condone bullying," he replied.
Last week was one of the most tension-filled weeks on the season so far.
While working on their master bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes, House 3's Kristy admitted she deliberately tried to 'sabotage' House 4's Steph and Gian.
Kristy convinced House 4 to make some major changes to their ceiling, by adding extra beams, which ended up eating up a lot of their time and energy.
“So, Steph is very easy to get into her head. I can easily suggest something as a throwaway comment and it will eat her away,” Kristy boasted to the camera.
Kristy also later admitted that her friendship with Steph was 'fake'.
Kristy and her husband Brett also accused the producers of giving House 5's Eliza and Liberty 'special treatment'.
“Liberty and Eliza get gifted everything, every week. I don’t know how they’ve blown out their budget because they get given money every single day,” Kristy said during last Monday's episode.
“They get everything handed to them on a silver platter, ‘You woke up this morning! Here’s $500.’ You know what? We’ll get a handout every fucking day of the week, then we’ll be sweet.
The drama-filled week followed weeks of brewing tension between House 2 and House 3 and the rest of the contestant couples.
Earlier in the season, House 2's Leah and Ash called a body corporate meeting after Steph's dad was caught helping her on the worksite.
Steph and Gian had a disastrous start to the series and ended up parting ways with their builder.
Steph then called her dad, who is a qualified builder, to give her a hand.
“He knew all the problems we were having with the builder and was like, 'I am coming to help'," Steph explained. “It's like the gods were aligned this week for my dad to be in town because this was a really hard week and having someone you trust there and having someone who is qualified… it's just the perfect person.”
However, after interacting with Steph's dad on the worksite, the other contestants began to question whether it was against the rules.
Things became heated at the body corporate meeting as the other contestants were split as to whether Steph and Gian had broken the rules.
While Steph and Gian agreed they had made a mistake,  they believed Leah and Ash should have spoken to them privately, rather than waiting a day to call a public meeting.
The drama is set to intensify over the next two weeks as House 2 and House 3 continue to clash with the other contestants.
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