Which Beauty And The Geek Couples Are Still Together?

We're more than halfway through this season of Beauty and the Geek and as much as we've loved the makeovers and host Sophie Monk's hilarious one-liners, there's been nothing more endearing than seeing some of the couples actually fall in love.
As we know, some contestants manage to make their love last in the long run, while for others, the romance is sadly short-lived. And in true reality TV fashion, it's often not official unless it's Insta-official. So, using social media as a nifty detective tool, we investigate the chances that any of the three BATG couples who have formed a romantic bond this season are still together.

Heidi and Mike

Image courtesy of Channel 9
Beauty and the Geek contestants Heidi Mitchell and Mike Gambaro
Heidi Mitchell and Mike Gambaro finally sealed the deal with a passionate kiss at their one-on-one date after Gambaro's sensational makeover was revealed in an earlier episode. They've both shown their interest in pursuing the relationship after the show ends, particularly during the home visit when Mitchell introduced Gambaro to her family.
The question is, are they still together? Well, they certainly still follow each other on Instagram and Gambaro's liked every post Mitchell has shared on Instagram since the show started. He doesn't seem to have gone back into the archives and liked anything from earlier on, but that's not to say their flame might not be stronger than ever.
After being eliminated, both reality stars shared Instagram posts reflecting on their time on the show and of course, mentioned each other.
"Mike has made me feel loved and appreciated properly for the first time in my life ever, there’s a reason why you can see a big smile on my face every episode," wrote Mitchell. "Thank you for being the most incredible companion in this experience, you will forever be a huge part of me."
Gambaro wrote: "To Heidi, I don’t even know where to begin with you. I’m always saying “you’re amazing” but amazing isn’t a good enough word to truely put into perspective of who you are to me.
"I’ll be forever grateful to have gone through this experience with you. I’ve loved living in the moment with you for every step of the way."

Tara and Michael

Image courtesy of Channel 9
Beauty and the Geek contestants Michael Gebicki and Tara Schwarz
Tara Schwarz and Michael Gebicki hit it off since the first mixer of the season, particularly bonding over the fact that they both work as children's party entertainers. It took a second date for Gebicki to muster up the courage to kiss Schwarz, but since then the couple haven't been more smitten and it's admittedly really sweet to watch.
Not only do they both follow each other on Instagram and been liking one another's posts while the show's been airing, but Gebicki's trawled through his partner's older content like some holiday snaps from June.
Of course, we don't have solid confirmation but we can only hope these signs point to the fact that this couple are still together post-filming.

Angelique and Sam

Image courtesy of Channel 9
Beauty and the Geek contestants Sam Mitchell and Angelique Nguyen
Sparks flew between Angelique Nguyen and Sam Mitchell from the get go and they actually shared the first kiss of the season. Sadly, the pair was recently eliminated but exited the show still very much loved up and promising to explore their relationship on the outside.
During a recent interview with Now To Love, Mitchell wouldn't confirm if they're still together until the show officially ends, but said he and Nguyen still speak after filming.
"I won't go into too much detail because I want everyone to see it when it comes out. Because it's very fun," he told the publication. "But we do still talk a lot. It's still very good."
Will any of the other pairs on Beauty and the Geek couple up for real in the remaining episodes or at the finale? Only time will tell.
Beauty and the Geek airs on Sunday at 8pm and continues Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now.
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