Karly & Aaron Win Beauty And The Geek 2022

After three jam-packed weeks of laughs and love, we are at the end of the 2022 season of Beauty and the Geek. On Wednesday night, Karly and Aaron were named the winners of BATG, winning $100,000 to share between them.
"This win meant so much to the both of us," Aaron wrote on Instagram after the episode aired. "A big thank you must go to @sophiemonk for pairing us and keeping us together throughout the experience."
The winners of Beauty and the Geek were determined by votes made by the other cast members. Ultimately, the couple with the most votes at the end would win, and Aaron & Karly managed to beat the other grand finalists, Bri and Christopher, and Tegan and Anthony.
Image courtesy of Channel 9
Beauty and the Geek winners Aaron and Karly
This year, 10 new beauties and 10 new geeks signed up to the show to teach one another about their different worlds and develop their confidence in the process. From couples falling in love to the epic geek makeovers, this season delivered the heartwarming escapist TV we all need right now.
Opening up about how the experience impacted her, Karly told Nine: "Aaron just accepted me for exactly who I was.
"He just let me be me. He never made me feel like I was being too much. He's also helped me realise that I am a good person. He makes me feel loved and appreciated because I haven't always had that."
Meanwhile Aaron, who had revealed during the season that he's insecure about not having two front teeth, said the prize money is going to go towards helping him overcome his insecurity.
"I'm planning to use the prize money to go towards dental work, so that's mostly what it's going to go to. I'm planning to get proper implants," said the train driver.
He said that any leftover amount will go towards travelling, and Karly has a similar idea.
"I would love to be able to take my family on a little holiday, especially my mum," said the hairdresser.
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