Meet Angus Cloud, Euphoria‘s Lovable Drug Dealer & Breakout Star

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I could talk about Euphoria all day. The series on HBO will simultaneously make you feel drunk, nostalgic, and fully freaked out. Maybe you disagree; maybe you run this Instagram fan account dedicated to the talented and diverse cast. Either way, it is an irrefutable fact that this show is boundary-pushing, and part of that is thanks to actors like Angus Cloud, who plays Fezco.
Fezco, aka Fez, is a surprisingly warm presence on a controversial series centered around a group of teens experiencing life by experimenting with drugs and sex, in the digital era. Fez is the resident dropout who spends his days hanging out and selling drugs to his former classmates, oftentimes out of the local gas station. He's also friends with Rue (Zendaya), who is recently out of rehab, but still struggling with drugs. While most of the characters are played by semi-familiar names like model Barbie Ferreira, Netflix star Jacob Elordi, and Grey's Anatomy's Eric Dane, Cloud is a fresh face. The Oakland, CA native was scouted by casting directors on the streets of New York to join the series, and decided to go out on a limb and audition.
On a recent call with Refinery29, Cloud said he was never interested in acting before, but is now totally into it. To this day, he claims he doesn't know what about him made them stop and ask him to audition for the role of a lovable, bulldog-ish amateur drug dealer. I'd venture a guess it's because even during our brief call, he comes across as a guy with street smarts and a big heart. (And no, it has nothing to do with his celebrity doppelgänger Mac Miller — something Cloud declined to speak about.)
Ahead, Cloud tells Refinery29 what he learned from his acting partner Zendaya, if he thinks their characters are in love, and why Fezco (yes, according to Cloud, that is his real name) is the unexpected moral compass of the show.
Refinery29: How did you first get involved in Euphoria?
Angus Cloud: "It's my first role. They asked me when I was walking down the street if I wanted to audition for something. They didn't tell me what the show was or nothing, but they asked me if I wanted to be an actor or what not, so I was like yeah, I am down."
Why do you think they stopped you?
"I really have no idea. I figured they already had a type of person in mind, and they saw me and were like, ‘Oh that person fits it.’ I wasn't really thinking about [acting] at all. But definitely now [I am]."
Do you relate to Fez as a character?
"We got some similarities, you know? It's not like I am playing a whole different person. It's my voice. Sometimes I freestyle the lines and say what I want to say. We definitely have some similarities. When I am over there, I am trying to act natural. I want to seem like a regular person, so I just act relaxed."
All of your scenes so far are with Zendaya, who has been in the industry for a long time.
"She really supported me to make me feel comfortable. I was nervous, you know?"
What was it like filming the scene in episode 3 when Fez doesn't let Rue in the house because she’s desperate to buy drugs?
"For me? I had the easy part, you know! I was like, Holy smokes. I was feeling it. It was real energy flowing. I was getting a shiver down my back and everything. The emotions and energy — I hadn't really experienced that before. That's how I realised how acting worked. The actors bounce off each other, so for her to be yelling and making me feel that type of way, it was easier for me to be in the moment."
Is Fez in love with Rue?
"I think he just cares a lot about her. They probably go way back. Who knows? Maybe he does have a crush on her, and he doesn't even know it. He doesn't wanna admit it to himself — that's like his sister."
Your character is an unexpected moral compass of the show. Even though he sells drugs, he seems like one of the only good guys.
"He is definitely a good guy. You wouldn't expect that character in most on-screen things to have that moral compass, so it is a nice change. People like that are hard to come by."
We need to talk about the character Ashtray played by Javon Walton. He is your little brother on the show, right?
"We aren't related by blood. He is my little buddy, my sidekick."
Is it hard to take him seriously when he’s wearing face tattoos?
"A little bit. We be cracking up and messing around and chopping it up. We just clicked. We homies. He is going to start giving me fighting lessons. I'm going to learn some moves."
Is the show similar to your high school experience?
"I didn't have to go through no crazy stuff on the show like that, but I can definitely relate. There are some things in my character, and in other characters — everyone can find someone on the show they relate to. Smokes. I am so blessed to be a part of this show, and that's it. Shoutout to Sam Levinson."
Your Instagram is pretty bare. Did you make a new one just for the show?
"I had to make a new Instagram so everyone could follow me. I gotta post on that. It isn't just for Euphoria, it's for me."
What's next?
"We got some things in the works. You'll see me."
Interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.
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