Why Is Nobody Talking About The Wildest Character In Euphoria?

Photo: Courtesy of Eddy Chen/HBO.
Euphoria is shocking, often gratuitously so, for a number of reasons. There's drug use, graphic sex scenes, and tons of violence. However, as an avid Skins watcher back in the early 2000s, it's nothing I hadn't seen before. I'd be perfectly content to watch the show before bed on Sunday nights and then sleep soundly if it weren't for one nagging aspect of the HBO show for which I demand answers: What's going on with the 11-year-old drug dealer we're just supposed to accept is a thing?
My teen experience was so far removed from the events of the show that, sure, perhaps it's in the realm of possibility that a young boy eating Lucky Charms is in charge of guarding and distributing Fentanyl out of a microwave. But I really don't think so. His name is Ashtray, played Javon "Wanna" Walton.
Euphoria is Walton's first big acting credit, and it's a pretty tall order. Ashtray's "office" (once again: he's 11!!!!) appears to be behind a fridge in a convenience store, and that's not the only time he's seen hanging out somewhere he shouldn't. Here's a still from episode 2.
This is a very dangerous drug deal!! Get out!!!
I'd say an 11-year-old isn't capable of protecting Zendaya, but I might be wrong. Walton, who also is slated to star in Amazon's upcoming project Utopia, is a prodigious boxer and his Instagram proves he could absolutely beat me in a fight.
He even met Drake!
However, that doesn't mean he's capable of running an entire drug operation with nothing but a case of Sprite bottles to protect him. I know the show wants me worrying about Zendaya's character Rue — and trust me, I do — but I worry even more so because the person orchestrating her dependency is practically still hooked on phonics.
Of course, this is no slight on Walton, who brings the character to life so effortlessly that I'm sure by episode 3 it won't even phase me when I see Ashtray breaking up a bar brawl or calling off an assassination attempt. The thing is, whatever I guess won't be as crazy as whatever Euphoria does next.

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