How A Former Skins Star Is Taking Over MTV

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In case your TV viewing habits are stuck sometime in 2008, it's worth mentioning: MTV has been nailing the teen demographic with smart, fun scripted offerings. First, there is the wickedly funny Awkward, which feels like the serialized version of Easy A. Then, of course, is the cult-worshipped Teen Wolf, which has become its own sensation. And now, Finding Carter, the story of a teen girl who realizes that her mother (and best friend) ended up kidnapping her when she was three.
The lead behind Carter is British actress Kathryn Prescott, who rose to fame playing Emily Fitch on the British series Skins. (Emily was one half of the fan favorite couple, "Naomily," which explored a burgeoning lesbian relationship.) For Kathryn, it was important to show alternative stories to the traditional "coming of age" narrative. "No one grows up the same way," she explains, "And, what drew me to Emily is that what she was going through was so real, and what every teenager goes through. She just happened to be going through it with another woman."
Kathryn also joked that the British tabloids loved to speculate that her and her on-screen lover, played by Lily Loveless, were together in real life, when in actuality, the two are best pals. "Lily was looking for a flat right at the same time I was looking for a flat, and we just moved in together. It was so much fun." It's not quite a Naomily reunion, but the friendship is still pretty adorable."
Finding unique takes on growing up is exactly what drew Kathryn to the role of Carter. "This isn't a clear-cut situation, and there isn't any right or wrong. There are just these incredibly strong women and Carter — even though she is one of them — still has a lot to figure out, too." On top of struggling with identity issues, Kathryn's Carter is still an angst-y teen, as well. "She's a bit of a wild one, too. Her mother has been treating her as an adult her whole life, so now that she is suddenly expected act like a teenager, she's confused."
The Finding Carter season finale airs tonight, and the fate of a key character hangs in the show's balance. The fate of the actual show, however, seems to be pretty secure: MTV has renewed the series for another season.
Tune in to Finding Carter tonight at 10/9c on MTV.

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