The K-Drama Actors We’ll Watch In Anything

Photo: Netflix/Everett Collection.
Diving into the colourful world of Korean dramas can seem like a daunting task. Not only are there an unfathomable amount of shows to choose from and the series tend to be long, but the plots truly run the gamut: A woman falls in love with hot robot clone; A goblin and a grim reaper become housemates; A cursed CEO is doomed to run a hotel for ghosts; A paragliding accent drops a South Korean heiress in North Korea, where she’s hidden by a hunky officer.
Consider another reliable way to choose what to watch next: letting the actors decide for you. You may not know what delicious K-drama antics await you in the storyline, but at least you’ll know there will be a familiar face to help guide you through it. If Parasite’s Park So-dam or Ahn Bo-hyun is attached, we can expect a bout of great acting. Another chance to watch Park Seo-joon or Gong Yoo say things and be good kissers? Sign us up.
Ahead are the K-drama actors who we'll spend our precious hours, tears, and laughs on any day.

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