It Looks Like Bleach Is All The Rage This Spring

Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage.
If you're in the southern hemisphere, your colourist might start suggesting some subtle highlights or even a caramel hue around this time of year when we begin to emerge from winter. Generally speaking, the seasonality of hair colour skews only ever so slightly. But this year, the trend in hair colour is to simply disregard the calendar and do whatever you want.
According to celebrity hairdresser Christine Symonds, the pandemic has rendered the entire concept of seasonal hair colour null and void. "People don't really care about the time of year," Symonds says. "Before last season, you might think to save a bleached hue for high summer. Now, many people want to do the opposite, like darker, more natural colour for summer — and punch it up platinum now."
Ahead, a guide to some of our current favourite fresh-for-spring blondes. Scroll through for your inspiration to go blonder the same week you trade your Uggs for sandals.

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