3 Hair Colour Trends On The Rise For Spring 2021

Photo: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images.
If hair colour plays a role in our mood, this spring is about to get a lot happier. The budding highlight and balayage trends, though very much a choose-your-own-adventure story, all have the same undertone: optimism.
Whether you want to go blonder, cooler, shinier, or your only criteria is that you don't have to schedule a touchup until September, there's a colour trend that hits. If you want a big change and maximum brightness, consider platinum; if you're coming out of quarantine with 10cm of root growth and a new laissez faire attitude towards colour, simply enhance what you already have with the "less is more" highlight.
Find it all, and something that sparks joy for you, in the pro's guide to hair colour for spring 2021, ahead.

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