19 Of The Most Embarrassing Texts We've Ever Sent

Most of the time, all goes well. You type out texts and they come out just as they're supposed to. But every once in a while something goes embarrassingly wrong. Autocorrect strikes and turns an innocent query into a raunchy request. You send a message to your main squeeze and it goes to your mom instead.

When you're tapping out a quick message, the accidental cringeworthy opportunities are virtually endless. Luckily, though, in hindsight they're usually pretty hilarious.

Ahead, we've compiled 19 of the most awkward texts between friends, family, significant others, and then some. These will remind you to double- and triple-check the next text you send.

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Sorry grandma…
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The text we all dread sending — the "I love you" to a friend or coworker.
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All right, the emoji art went a little too far here.
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When you panic because half of your text doesn't go through!
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And…when you message the wrong person, but it actually turns out perfectly.
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Hey…it happens.
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Someone may want to get his career goals straightened out a bit…
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Autocorrect problems.
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Texting under the influence can be embarrassing the next morning.
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Given the initial texter already has the recipient's cell number in order to write her, the smart-alecky response is much deserved.
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It's important to know your homophones. (Also: It's Pulitzer. With one "L.")
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Going back and forth between texting threads can get tricky.
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Wrong number, mom.
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Oh, yes, right.
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When something mortifying turns out for the best.
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Ooh, burn…
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This is a text no one wants to have to send.
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Embarrassing or genius? Probably depends on who was having this email exchange.
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Well, that is embarrassing indeed…no matter whom it was sent to.
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