Color Us Confused: What's Going On With Elle Fanning's Shoes?

We're normally huge Elle Fanning fans — heck, we're fans of the whole Fanning fam (too much, maybe?). But, last night, the typically adorable younger starlet took quite the bizarre turn in the footwear department.
Fanning graced the red carpet to support older sis Dakota at the Breaking Dawn premiere wearing head-to-toe Prada, topped off with some, uh, eye-catching shoes. Now, we can appreciate a good platform, but these are no ordinary heel — they seem to be half Japanese slipper, half...well, who can tell?
We love that Fanning is into trying out new sartorial choices (and, how cute is she to step out for Dakota?), but we have to chalk up this particular footwear to a fiasco. Here's hoping that next time the Twi-hard will, well, try harder. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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