4 Ah-Mazing DIY Halloween Makeup Looks You've Got To Try!

It's baaaack! We know it's hard to believe it's been a whole year since we debuted our wildly successful DIY Halloween makeup how-to (hello Black Swan, Nicki Minaj, and Daphne Guinness), but now we're back for another go-round with a brand-new set of utterly ah-mazing characters. Don't know what you're going to be this year? We've got four stellar ideas for you.
From a hilariously au courant choice (Honey Boo Boo) and classic villain (Maleficent) to a pop-star extraordinaire (Rihanna) and an insider-y fashion-world icon (Carine Roitfeld), this DIY guide has almost every gal covered. Plus, MAC's local master makeup artist, Louise Zizzo, has the step-by-step on how to get these ridiculously cool looks by yourself, at home. Who's ready to get boo-tiful?
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Step 1: Apply pale foundation all over your face, and to your neck (depending on the height of your cape and collar).
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The Character: Maleficent
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Step 2: Put pale-green shadow over your entire upper lid.
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Step 3: Blend out the edges of your green shadow with white shadow, all the way up to your eyebrows.
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Step 4: Line your lower waterline with black liner.
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Step 5: Those dramatic brows are a major step. Use a small angled brush for precision and trace the sharply peaked shape before filling it in with dark shadow or pencil.
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Step 6: Line your top lid with a cartoon-like swoop, which gets gradually thicker towards the outer edge of the eye.
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Step 7: To create a slightly ghoulish look, lightly dust green powder (or shadow) around the edge of the face and cheeks.

Step 8: Contour the cheeks with a light pink blush, from your ear, diagonally to your chin.
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Step 9: Paint a perfect pout with deep red lipstick. Always use a brush, never a stick, in order to create a precise shape.
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Step 10: Amp up the drama by adding a dark charcoal powder on top of the light pink blush for major depth.

Optional Step: Add fake lashes.
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Step 11: Create a deep widow's peak by marking a spot in the center of your forehead with a black liner. Then trace out the shape to ensure symmetry.
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Step 12: Now, start painting in the widow's peak using a large angled flat brush.
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Voilà! S.F. Editor Angela Tafoya is thoroughly transformed! Accessories include a $4.99 cape from Walgreens, horns from Costumes on Haight (painted black), black pantyhose to keep her hair back, and a scowl.
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The Character: Honey Boo Boo
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The MAC Products:

Face: Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

Cheeks: Azalea blush

Eyes: #1 lashes, Kitschmas pigment, Pink Swoon blush, Full Fuchsia and Sketch shadows, Smolder eye kohl liner, Haute & Naughty Lash mascara

Lips: More to Love Pro Longwear lip pencil and Creme de la Femme lipstick

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Step 1: Use a firm brush and pat white highlighter shadow under the brow and brow bone.
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Step 2: Apply pale-pink shadow on the upper lid with a firm brush.
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Step 3: Make the look electric by adding a neon-pink shadow on the outer corner of the eye, blending into the pale-pink shadow and along the crease with a soft brush.
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Step 4: With a small flat brush, press sparkly white shadow on the inner corner of the eyelid.
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Step 5: Add depth with a dark-burgundy shadow applied to the outer edge of the lid. Make sure to blend the edges into the other colors.
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Step 6: Line the lower waterline and lashline with black liner.
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Step 7: Add bronzer with a big powder brush, sweeping the color over the cheeks, forehead, bridge of nose, and chin. Add bright-pink blush to the apples of the cheeks.
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Step 8: Paint your lips in a frosted pink lipstick.
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Step 9: Add lots of mascara to the top and bottom lashes, then apply false lashes to the top lashes only.
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Step 10: Gloss up your pout!
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And heeeere comes Honey Boo Boo! R29 Editorial Intern Jessica Velez simply grabbed some go-go juice (a combo of Mountain Dew and Red Bull), a bad wig, and a princess costume, and she's good to go.
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The Character: Carine Roitfeld
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The MAC Products:

Face: Pro Longwear Concealer and Mineralize Skinfinish

Eyes: Jungle Camouflage by Carine Roitfeld kit, Blacktrack Fluidline for top liner, Chromographic Pencil in waterline of eyes, Haute & Naughty Lash mascara

Brows: Copperplate eyeshadow and clear Brow Set

Lips: Myth and Fresh Brew lip color

Cheeks: Sculpt and Shape in Bone Beige
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Step 1: This look is all about the smokey eye. Start it off by adding a dark-grey shadow under the eye and a nude liner to the lower waterline.
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Step 2: Start off with a light-grey shadow, start blending up towards the brow with a soft brush. Then add a darker shade over the top and blend in.
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Step 3: Using a small angled brush, apply a black shadow under the lash line, stopping just before the inner corner of the eye.
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Step 4: Using a smudging brush, apply a grey tone under the eye, and over the black shadow to create a smokey effect.
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Step 5: Add a deeper black shadow on the upper lid near the lashline. Use a firmer brush and blend it up to the crease of the lid.
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Step 6: Apply two coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.
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Step 7: Fill in your brows with a shadow hue that is appropriate to create a fuller brow. Then brush the brows up with a clear brow set to finish.
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Step 8: Add fake lashes to the top (and bottom if need be) to intensify the eyes.
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Step 9: Touch up the face with any concealer or foundation needed. Add blush in a neutral taupe tone to contour only.
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Step 10: Apply a peachy nude color over the entire lip with a lip brush. Then, dab a taupe nude over an open mouth with your finger.
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Meowza! R29 Senior West Coast Editor Katie Hintz-Zambrano keeps things Carine-like in a black ruffly sleeved top under a matching corset. It's makeshift, but rather Tom Ford-era YSL, no?
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The Character: Rihanna
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The MAC Products:

Face: Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

Cheeks: Devil and True Red blush (MAC Pro)

Eyes: Orb shadow as highlighter and in the crease, Blacktrack Fluidline eyeliner, Extended Lash Play mascara, and #4 lashes (two pairs, layered)

Lips: Orange and Crimson mix (MAC Pro) and shine mixing medium

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Step 1: With a soft brush, dust a white highlighter below the brow bone.
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Step 2: Add a tan shadow across the top lid.
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Step 3: Create a subtle cat-eye with eyeliner on the top lid. Use a small angled brush to make it easy.
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Step 4: Lightly fill in your brows to give shape, but keep the color and silhouette soft.
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Step 5: Softly add shadow underneath the lower lashline to give a slightly shadowed effect (versus a defined line).
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Step 6: Add mascara to the top and bottom lashes.
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Step 7: Amp up the drama with false eyelashes on top. Once applied, reinforce the cat-eye liner, as well.
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Step 8: And here the fun begins! Try to match the color of your wig to a reddish-pink blush. Add that to your cheeks.
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Step 9: Then, try to match the color of your wig exactly to the color of your lipstick. Use a lip brush and lightly sketch a fuller shape. Then fill it in to create intensity.
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Welcome Stranger designer Fayrouz Abi Assi sure looks like the "Only Girl In The World" to us! Just add an electric-red wig (we got ours at Costumes on Haight), a fake Rebelle Fleur neck tat (we used eyeliner to pencil it in), a thick Barbados accent, and the sexiest outfit in your closet, and your inner Rih-Rih can come out to play!

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