Trends That'll Set You Ahead Of The Fashion Pack

Call us impatient, but it's not so easy waiting around all winter just to wear the items we fell in love with on the runway in September. In fact, we're usually so hyped up from the excitement of Fashion Week that we instantly start scheming up ways to sneak next season's trends into this season's closet. We're happy to report: It's totally possible.
The actual items that came down the runway are still a while off, but the trends that we've seen this Fashion Month can be worn right away with some strategic planning. The slides ahead house six outfits inspired by the spring 2015 shows. Basically, we've sped through time, cleverly pulled together what's at hand, and came up with a few ways to give your closet a futuristic update. Read on for the best ways to tide yourself over 'til spring.

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