Danny Brown Talks Twitter Friends & Festival Madness

Detroit rapper Danny Brown is about to drop his highly anticipated new record Old later this year, but before he does, he's in for a summer of festival gigs and upcoming stints with "Harlem Shake" mastermind Baauer and Tumblr-wave rapper Kitty (formerly Pryde). We caught up with Brown — donning a black Givenchy T-shirt — just before he hit the stage at Coachella, and we talked his festival exprience so far, teaming up with Charli XCX, and how it feels to have his new LP in the can.
How's it going? Are you excited for your set this afternoon?
"[Laughs] I dunno man. I'm excited to be here in general. It's a good look, to get asked to play. I'm very grateful to be here."
Are you used to the festival circuit at this point? This is your isn't your first time here.
"I was here last year. And the year before that."
How does it feel to have your new record hitting stores soon?
"I'm excited to just be done. Finishing the album is a goal you set for yourself and to finish it...that's what I want. I'm just happy to have a finished product. I don't care about releasing it."
Is there a track that you're especially excited for people to hear?
"Every track. As an artist, I just want you to hear the whole album; I don't care about one song."
What about featured spots? You've got a ton of great people on the record.
"It's all my homies. Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Mr. [Muthafuckin'] eXquire, A$AP Rocky, Freddie Gibbs. But I think I was excited to work with Charli XCX, you know what I'm saying? And Purity Ring. Artists that are not in my realm that I'm a fan of. For them to want to work with me in general, that's tight."
How did you and Charli get to know each other?
"Twitter! I followed her on Twitter being a fan; she followed me back. I DM'd her telling her I liked her shit. Eventually, we talked and did music together. I did a song for her; she did a song for me. That's how it works."
What's the rest of the year look like for you?
"I got this tour with Kitty. I have this overseas tour. And a lot festivals. A lot of festivals."

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