Cops Vs. Kardashians: Police Shut Down Dash Amid Near-Riot Conditions During FNO

If someone out there can explain the appeal of the Kardashians to us, we're all ears. Evidently, we're on the outside on that one since a crowd of thousands outside the reality-show sisters' Soho shop, Dash, swelled to a dangerous volume during Fashion's Night Out last evening. Indeed, we walked by when the throng was only at half strength and were treated to a pushy, shouting mass of humanity that made us long for the 6-train at rush hour. "Shit show" took on a new definition when the The Jersey Shore's Pauly D contributed to pointless mass hysteria by DJing the party at the all-too-small store, forcing the local police to shut it down. Things really got out of hand when Mr. D left, causing fans to jump the steel barricades because…well, we really don't know. (TMZ)

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