30 Colorful Coats To Brighten Up The Coldest Day

Look outside the window. Do you want to go out there? Neither do we. It's cold, wet, slippery, and dark. The rare glimpse of spring 50-degree day just serves as a reminder of how far we have to go until May. While we may not be able to break Mother Nature's dreary spell quite yet, there is one item that can lift our spirits and get us actually excited to head out into the winter wonderland: a colorful coat.
Fellow fashion folks know all too well the correlation between a killer outfit and a sky-high mood. Just think what a truly vibrant topper could do to brighten your day. Ahead, we rounded up 30 of our favorite jackets — from shiny, red puffers to deep, violet parkas. Click through to wear the rainbow.
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The fold-over detail is extremely flattering.
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These sleeves are just short enough to highlight the cuff of a beautiful blouse.
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A throwback style for sure. Just picture it with dope wide-legged jeans and a beanie — so rad.
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The cool girl's plaid coat.
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Just enough colorblocking to make a subtle statement.
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Elegant and upbeat.
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You'll never want to peel this orange.
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Shine bright.
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Practical and fashion-forward.
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Like a fourth-grade art project that's outdone itself.
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The black cuffs and lining toughen up this soft yellow.
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You won't be fur-reezing in this fluffy option.
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For those days when the forecast says "wintry mix."
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Yes, it's black and yellow. But there's nothing else bumblebee about it.
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The sporty silhouette balances out the highlighter yellow hue.
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Zippers and buckles are welcome additions to this femme style.
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Hello, 2015.
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Watch out, polar vortex.
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Looks like your grandama's afghan got a chic makeover.
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The metallic bands at the bottom give this camo iteration a high-concept spin.
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The style name pretty much sums this baby up.
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The perforated sleeves and leather collar make this blue stunner special.
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Not your average faux-fur coat.
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This looks way more expensive than it actually is.
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Top this over a suit, and you've got the job.
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Oh, how sweet.
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Mother Nature ain't got nothing on you.
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It's like a zebra rolled around in some seriously pretty paint.
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Rugged but feminine — don't you love the berry-hued pockets?
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Sometimes, a classic style is all you need.

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