10 Coffee Gadgets That Lazy People Will LOVE

For some, coffee is a treat — a beverage to be courted over or socialized with during a stroll on a lovely day. For others, it's a sheer life force. Wherever you happen to fall on this extreme spectrum (ahem, the latter), it's fairly conclusive that picking up cups of brewed beans on the daily can majorly add UP. So wouldn't it be nice if there were some cost effective way to make your own damn cup of Joe? Sure you could make it at home, but it wouldn't be with the same ease as your corner café barista! Or would it?

We've rounded up ten coffee gadgets that were born and bred for the laziest caffeine consumers — the ones who may or may not be still trying to wake up. Each one of these gizmos is tailored to snappy sipping precision, so that you'll be in easy coffee brewing business and on the go within minutes. Click on coffee consumers, and discover your ideal device.

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For The All Season Cold Brewer
This Primula bottle not only brews your iced coffee for you, but also does it in the same vessel for drinking on the go — call it complete with a snug sleeve so your hand doesn't freeze off.

Primula Cold Brew Bottle, $24.99, available at Primula.
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For The Specific Sipper
You may have already seen these bean babies on ABC's Shark Tank — and if not, here's the run down: coffee joulies are stainless-steel bean-shaped capsules. They contain a "phase change" material that activates when submerged within your hot drink of choice, keeping it at prime drinking temperature (not too hot, never too cold) for a prolonged period of time. No more lukewarm, or singe all your fucking taste buds off, sips.

Joulies Set of 5 Coffee Joulies, $47.96, available at Joulies.
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For The Techy Traveler
Hey Joe Coffee has invented a battery-powered mug that does it all (i.e. it's a handheld coffee brewer and travel mug in one). Not to mention The Go Joe's sleek black design is fire — and slightly resembles Amazon's Alexa.

Hey Joe Coffee The Go Joe, $99, available at Hey Joe Coffee.
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For The GOT To-Goers
Goat Story's travel mug looks like something that Jon Snow would swig after returning from an expedition beyond the wall — and we're into it. Even though this coffee contraption doesn't grind or brew beans for you, it's a solid option for literally strapping your coffee on your person and riding out.

Goat Story Travel Mug, $31.50, available at Goat Story.
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For The Mug Maniac
Primula is at it again with the Coffee Brew Buddy — this pour-over brewing contraption is designed to fit on most all mugs (so you can still sip out of your "I woke up like this" favorite) and gives you a strong single cup within minutes.

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy, $5.99, available at Primula.
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For The Espresso Enthusiast
Thought espresso could only be consumed during fancy sit-down occasions? Well, you thought wrong. Wacaco has blessed us with a "minipresso" machine that serves up little espresso shots wherever and whenever you want them. Heavily considering taking my morning shot during my subway commute — who's with me?

Wacaco Minipresso GR, $59.99, available at Wacaco.
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For The Lone Latte-er
If you're flying solo, brewing entire pots of coffee can sound daunting — not only does it take some time, but what the hell are you going to do with all the leftover brew? Capresso solves this singledom issue with its on-the-go personal coffee maker. Just press, grab, and go be fabulous.

Capresso On-The-Go Personal Coffee Maker, $39.99, available at Capresso.
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For The Parisian Presser
Love french-pressed coffee, but hate the idea of DIY? No problem — Bodum has your back with this sleek travel press. Use it for java or even loose leaf tea by simply brewing, pressing, and sipping within a speedy four minute window.

Bodum Travel Press, $30, available at Bodum.
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For The Ludicrously Lazy
Remember when we said that The Go Joe had it all? Well, Cafflano's All In One Coffee Maker just one-upped it. This device literally does everything, with bean grinding included. Cheers to carefree caffeine, y'all.

Cafflano All In One Coffee Maker, $89, available at Cafflano.
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For The IDGAF Give Me Coffee-er
Coffee AND espresso maker in one, the AeroPress is a thing of bean beauty — making you a rich cup of coffee within mere minutes through an air press and plunge device (no brewing time required here). We'll leave you with the tantalizing review from YouTube user Sweet Maria's Coffee: "Aeropress: Looks awful. Works well.".

AeroPress Coffee Maker, $29.95, available at The Java Shop.
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