Short-Shorts For Men: Can S.F. Dudes (Who Hate Pants) Pull It Off?

Come on, fellas, we know you’ve got a killer set of legs that are just dying to be shown off — and there’s no better way to flaunt what’cha got than with a pair of Chubbies ’ shorts. This anti-pants local brand specializes in short-shorts for men that start well above the knee, come in an assortment of colors (we’re looking at you, red, blue, and green!), and best yet, are made right here in the Bay Area. Instantly intrigued, we caught up with the founders (who prefer to remain nameless!) to learn more about Chubbies and their thigh-liberating revolution.
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What’s the story behind Chubbies?

“Chubbies was founded by three Stanford graduates who just hate pants. We had been working day jobs in finance and tech start-ups, and just about had enough when we decided to look into building a company. Not just any company, though — our company, first and foremost, had to be completely radical and had to align with our personal life philosophy of not sweating the small stuff, embracing every opportunity to have an awesome time, and firmly believing that pants are strictly for work. We hit on shorts because they are utterly awesome when done right, and we realized that no one actually was doing them right. Our generation was embracing a modified capri-pant as their 'short' of choice, while we were totally stoked on the shorts from the ’70s and ’80s (think: Tom Selleck, Larry Bird, and John McEnroe). Back then, shorts were actually made for a reason: because they're short. They give you freedom, flexibility, comfort, and an overwhelming aura of radness. We wanted to bring that back to today's generation.”

Photo: Courtesy of Chubbies
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What are “shants” and what makes Chubbies better?

"Oh dear, we cringe every time we think of shants, but, for the sake of the interview, shants are your typical half-pant (I refuse to call them shorts!), the hemline of which ends at, or below, the knee of the wearer (These guys love shants). They provide no added flexibility, they are uncomfortable, and they look silly, like the wearer is trying to cool-off, but hides his legs at the same time. They're completely unnecessary. While pants are for work and shorts are for the weekend, shants serve no purpose.

"Chubbies, on the other hand, are actual shorts. They are designed for comfort, flexibility, and radical style. There's no point to piling layers and layers of fabric on top of your legs when all they want to do is be free. Chubbies are the thigh-emancipators, made for guys who aren't worried about showing a little leg. If you're BBQ-ing with your buddies, hanging out on the beach, playing sports at a park, or just relaxing indoors and want some comfort and freedom, Chubbies are simply the only option."

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What kind of guy wears Chubbies?

"Our ideal customer is really any dude whose legs have been shackled by excess leg-fabric these many years. Dudes who are looking to have a great time on the weekend. Dudes who like being out in the sun, playing sports, and manning a grill or two. Dudes who like getting out to the beach or lake on a nice day. We try to keep it as open as possible, because we think that modern shants are a big problem and we are building the Chubbies brand to solve that problem."

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How do you suggest guys style their Chubbies?

"Chubbies are outrageously versatile, and the Chubster Nation has fired up a whole slew of interesting looks over the past couple if months. Obviously, there is a typical tank-top/Chubbies/flip-flops look which is awesome for summer and BBQs, but some Chubsters have taken it to the next level by doubling-down on amazing and pairing them with Hawaiian shirts, deep V-necks, prepped-out collared shirts, blazers, no shirts, and/or lumberjack-style flannels to name a few. The footwear of choice has been anything fromTopsiders or flip-flops, to casual dress shoes, or hardcore man-boots.

"One of the most popular Chubbies accessories this winter has been the Upper-Lip Sweater (a simple mustache) in celebration of Movember, an effort to raise awareness and money for testicular and prostate cancer research. At the end of the day, the unifying theme is that these are all outfits custom-made for an awesome and leisurely time, far away from the pressures and expectations of the workweek."

Photo: Courtesy of Chubbies
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Where should guys wear their chubbies?

"BBQs. If anyone is grilling anything, there darn well oughta be Chubbies involved. Also, just anytime folks are outside hanging out in the sun in general. Ideal places are Marina Green, Fort Mason, Washington Square Park, Dolores Park, Golden Gate Park, and walking down Chestnut, Union, or Columbus streets."

What do Chubsters do when it gets cold?

"During the wintertime, really the best place to indulge in your Chubbies is when you're relaxing at home. They truly are some of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you will wear (including flannel pajamas). We take care to source the finest fabrics and stonewash all of our shorts for 300-plus minutes to make them extremely soft and flexible. Before we were going full-time on Chubbies, we would throw them on the instant we got home from our day jobs to just relax and get comfortable."

Photo: Courtesy of Chubbies

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