18 Patterned Picks For Your Sweetest Picnic Yet

With everybody crowding the Jitney and the brunch lines getting out of hand, there's always one reliable activity that promises to get everybody in the sun with zero wait time: picnicking in the park.
Sitting on a blanket, munching on some snacks, basking in the sun without a care in the world? Sounds pretty great to us. And, considering our slight obsession with style, don’t expect us to do this the simple, old-fashioned way with paper utensils stolen borrowed from Whole Foods. We need bright. We need loud. We need patterns. So, cue up the slideshow. Your stylin' spread awaits.
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The Sun Hat
Weren't able to score a shady spot? Protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays and with a simple, statement-making fedora.
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The Pre-Packed Basket

Not sure what to bring with you? Save yourself the trouble (and from possibly over-packing) by purchasing a basket that's already filled with forks, plates, cups – pretty much everything you need. Well, that was easy.
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The Blanket Bag
Looks like a tote, but then BAM! It's a blanket — one that's super easy to carry and clean up.
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The Stylish Sunglasses
Blinded by the light? Stop squinting (and avoid future wrinkles) with some standout sunnies. Ahh — you can actually see your friends now and (more importantly) the food!
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The Flowy Maxi
Guess what? It is possible to look good on a hot summer day — especially when what you're wearing is a beautiful, breezy maxi dress. Quickly throw one on and head out the door, hassle-free.
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The Pretty Paper Plates
Forget those boring solids – these patterned paper plates are almost too cute to eat off of, and will easily brighten up any picnic spread.
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The Patterned Mani

You can still have fun with your nails without using summer's splashiest colors. Instead, try going for the neutrals with a nude base and a criss-cross design, using black.
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The Not-So-Simple Short
Show off those stems with a pair of bright, summery shorts. Bonus: You won't have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone every time you sit down.
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The Flat Sandal
Heels and wedges won't cut it when you're trekking through the grass. Go with a flat, printed sandal for a bit of style and lot of comfort.
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