9 Wedding Favors We'd Be Thrilled To Receive

Wedding favors aren’t a necessity, but they can be fun — when a couple has put some thought into the gift. When the favor is something that a guest can actually use and enjoy (i.e., if you were considering a framed photo of you and your beloved…don’t).
On the other hand, if the little token of guest appreciation speaks directly to your tastes, it’s a win-win for everyone. Ahead, a roundup of favors that'll not only be well-received but will also be a way for your partygoers to remember the couple whose love they just celebrated.
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For The Foodie Couple
Share your exquisite taste with all of your guests by giving them a copy of your favorite recipe.
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Whether it’s a savory roast or the best chocolate chip cookie in the world, everything tastes better with a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt. Pair a small tin of this with a personalized recipe card, and you get extra points for this simple party favor.
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For The Party Couple
You want your guests to have a good time — hello, open bar! — but you don’t want them to remember your big day by the bigger hangover they’ll have the next morning. Have the Hangover Heaven Bus make a pit stop at your reception, so that all your party people can head off their hangovers with an IV treatment full of vitamins and electrolytes.
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For The Green Thumb Couple
Just because you’ve got a thriving garden doesn’t mean all of your guests are planting aficionados, too. Give them a low-maintenance succulent in a handmade ceramic pot, so that even if they manage to kill the plant, they’ll still have a cool keepsake.
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For The Non-Traditional Couple
You’re making a huge commitment, but that doesn’t mean your guests have to. Temporary tattoos let everyone have fun with ink without any regrets!
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For The Destination-Wedding Couple
Your guests have all flown out to celebrate you, so make sure their flight back is enjoyable, too. This little tin includes all the makings for an old-fashioned (sans booze) to keep the party going even on the way home.
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For The Eco-Conscious Couple
Getting married is like planting a seed of love that will grow the rest of your lives, so why not let your guests plant something, too? Available in region-specific mixes, these seed bombs are a favor they’ll want to get rid of for the good of the planet.
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For The Techy Couple
Help your guests make memories by giving them memory! Even the least technophile folks need a flash drive on hand.
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For The Active Couple
Encourage your guests to get out on an adventure with this sleek glass water bottle.

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