Don't Wanna Leave Your Bed? 4 Delivered-To-Your-Door Services To Try

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Presents from yourself, to yourself, from the Internet are one of the great wonders of the modern day. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar shopping for essentials seems increasingly like a chore. All of the subscription services that have cropped up, delivering everything from snacks to toys to tampons, can turn the task of making sure you’re taken care of less like drudgery and more like getting a nice gift every once in a while. Here are a few of our favorite subscription services for staying on top of, well, everything.
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If your daily eating habits revolve around the concept of the graze — or, if you simply find yourself at your desk way past lunchtime on a regular basis — Graze’s simple and varied snack packs are a nice stopgap for a full meal. For $6 per shipment, the company will send you four surprise packs, though you can influence their choices by picking out packs from the site you prefer. The service is currently invite-only, but customers who pick up a friend invite can select their delivery frequency to be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. And, lucky for us, the generous people over at Graze have offered R29 readers an exclusive promo code. Not only can you join the site, but you also get your first box free.
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If you have a deep and abiding enthusiasm for all things gaming, comics, or other nerdly media, LootCrate will feel like a set of presents from a friend who knows you well. The items in the boxes skew more fun and quirky — Aperture Labs paraphernalia, Futurama keychains, an Ewoking Dead t-shirt — but some of it’s downright useful, like the Don’t Panic! towel, 8-bit shades, or Star Wars-themed ear buds. If you like to be well-steeped in representations of your favorite content, LootCrate can deliver. Literally, for the elite price of $13.37 per month.
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Coffee delivery services abound now, but few hew to the standard of quality and commitment to variety that Tonx does. For $19 every two weeks, Tonx will ship 12 vacuum-sealed ounces of beans anywhere in the US. Not only do they ship coffee, they periodically offer different varieties of beans, like their Don Amado from Honduras, at a slight price increase. If you’re bored between shipments, their newsletter and site are chock-full of coffee-fanatic ephemera.
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The idea behind Umba is to give a platform to artists and creators to reach customers more directly and at a different level than they might through at store. For $49 or $25 per month, Umba ships customers a box of handmade goods each month. The $49 Delight Box is a package of “high-end handmade goods,” while the $25 Discover Box includes products to help recipients “explore what handmade is all about.” Example products include pumpkin spice sugar-whipped soap, an engraved half-moon necklace, a fold-over clutch, and an engraved cutting board. If your personal style or home decorating situation has gotten a little rote, Umba could be just the variable to breathe in some chaos.
This article was authored by Casey Johnston.

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