13 Ways To Have The Perfect First Date In L.A.

Let's be honest: A first date has the potential to be more uncomfortable than a bikini wax. In fact, you’ve probably had less awkward conversations while splayed out naked in front of a stranger than you've had on certain dates. But we all keep doing it, because there's always the chance that the next date will be one of the good ones. Luckily, those odds get exponentially better when you set the tone of the date correctly by choosing the best possible spot.

What exactly is the perfect first-date spot? One that, like the date itself, has the potential to lead somewhere. For example, drinks that might turn into a walk on the beach, or a late lunch that gives way to browsing museum galleries. After all, you want options when the night is going well, but you still want to start somewhere that permits a speedy exit, should you need to escape.

Not to worry, because we're here to help. We’ve searched high and low for lucky meeting spots. Ahead, 13 of the best date locations that make it easy to keep your blossoming romance, and the night, alive. Plus, since we’ve done the heavy lifting, we’re leaving you time to worry about everything else: Like what on Earth are you going to wear?

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