21 Gifts To Pamper Mom Like She Deserves

When you're having a rough day, we bet the one person you can always call on to make you feel better is your mom. (We've been there, trust.) But, while we're busy gabbing about our lives, it's easy to lose sight of what sort of day she might be having herself. And, let's not forget that our moms have been tackling this whole "life" thing for way longer than we have.

So, for Mom's Day this year, we're pulling together 21 special items that will truly pamper her like the queen that she is. From a bath candle, to a comfy-chic espadrille shoe, to a floral R&R robe, these are the gifts she'll be spending quality time with well after May 10. Considering all that our mothers have done for us, helping them indulge a little is the least we can do, right?
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If you're slipping Mom a spa gift certificate, do it with this cheeky card.
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For all those times your mom told you to turn down the music...
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For the contemplative mom who never stops journaling.
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A boxy crossbody for all your mom's daily stashables.
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Let’s all make a promise not to gift another colorful casserole dish this year (which is kind of an obligation packaged as a present, am I right?). Fragrance might be a little out of mom’s wheelhouse, but if you choose one that feels personal, she's sure to appreciate it. So, for a gift that can inspire a fun — and perhaps sexy — night out, try Calvin Klein euphoria, which flirts with floral and fruity notes like pomegranate, black orchid, and amber. Just know that once she puts it on, she may be the one calling you with the details of her date night out.
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An everyday cotton T-shirt that illustrates "eye heart you" perfectly.
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A colorful, silky scarf to punctuate your mom's outfit.
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For the mom who enjoys outdoor relaxation, this Damien Hirst-designed lounge chair will be her go-to seat.
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Crystals are believed to have calming powers — so, gift your mom a pair of easy-going, rock-solid studs.
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The espadrille that's got a lot of spunk and personality, just like that special someone you love.
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A pom-pom zipper pull, because you're mom's biggest cheerleader.
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Your mom can be a shady lady...sometimes.
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Hung in the window, this mosaic-like piece can add beautiful color to your mom's sanctuary.
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A scented candle that will make bath time feel cosmic.
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A fun, Yayoi Kusama-designed hoodie makes mom easy to spot.
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For the bookish mother, these library rental-card socks are a legit and toe-wiggling throwback.
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If mom finds nothing more relaxing than cooking, these trivets lend a burst of happiness to the kitchen.
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This is eye candy even your mother will be inspired by.

Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen, $23.79, available atAmazon.
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A gorgeous pendant that's elegant and simple enough to be an everyday staple.
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We see a crafty future ahead.
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A buttery-soft robe that's in full bloom.
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If mom's got long tresses, these hairpins are perfect for those little buns.

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