Disneybounding Is The Low-Key Way To Do Halloween

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You must be at least this tall in order to ride the roller coaster. Do not harass Mickey. Smoking is prohibited. But among all the rules and regulations you must follow if you want to go to Disney World is an obscure one that's led to its own subculture of fashion. Disney prohibits anyone over the age of 14 from sporting a costume in its parks, because it has the potential to infringe on the official characters that Disney employs. While we imagine it might ruin a kid's illusion to see 50 knockoff Cinderellas, it was only a matter of time before Disneyphiles found a way around that.
Allow us to introduce you to Disneybounding: It's how Disney fans get around that tricky provision, dressed as their favorite Disney character but minus the official costume.
At its core, Disneybounding is best described as creating a color-coordinated outfit out of contemporary fashion that's "inspired by" a Disney character. This recent phenomenon spins cosplay on its head by tossing out elaborate costumes and opting instead for everyday items in your closet. Think pairing a yellow dress with a red sweater to Disneybound as Winnie the Pooh.
While popular characters are fair game, Disneybounders are best known for digging into deep cuts. Without the restrictions of choosing from mass-produced costumes typically limited to main Disney characters, Disneybounders can choose to pay tribute to any character that exists within the Disney universe. Nothing is off limits, from obscure paintings in Disney park rides to secondary characters from Once Upon a Time and live-action Disney films.
The term stemmed from the Tumblr blog Disneybound in 2012, and the practice has grown into a mainstream hashtag. Disneybound has become a home to a large, if niche, community that uses Instagram roundups and Polyvore collages to provide tips and inspiration for other Disneybounders. The 14,000+ YouTube videos surrounding the phrase are a good indicator of just how much the trend has taken off. Click through for 38 examples of solid Disneybounding, and then head over to Instagram for more.
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Move over, Minnie and Mickey, these Daisy and Donald Duck Disneybounders are relationship goals.
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Someday her prince will come. But for now, this Aurora will settle on admiring her party dress in the window.
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The only thing that would make this Lady and the Tramp Disneybounding duo's photo cuter would be if they actually ate the spaghetti.
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Gender-bending Ariel is our favorite Ariel.
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So Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, and Cinderella walk into a bar...
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There's no mistaking this cute Dumbo Disneybound.
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Cinderella's Disneybounding coach is much more realistic than a pumpkin.
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All this Disneybound outfit is missing is Stitch.
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Photo: @dessynea.
This Alice in Wonderland group shows us how to have a real-life Very Merry Unbirthday party.
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Photo: @brynnedaboo.
Shed your princess persona and show off your wicked side by Disneybounding as your favorite villain.
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This family even brought a stuffed Woody and Bullseye to complete their Toy Story cast!
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Photo: @shiina24.
Tweedledum and Tweedledee are here to wreak havoc.
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Photo: @eat_run_drink.
This father-and-daughter Mad Hatter-and-Alice duo found a long-lost family member!
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These Disneybounders show off their creativity by dressing as the hatbox ghost and the tightrope walker from Disney's Haunted Mansion ride.
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The gang's all here!
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If anyone's going to make sweeping look chic, it's a Disneybound Cinderella.
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Who knew Mr. Smee loved a cropped wide-leg pant and Tevas?
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Han Solo's everyday attire makes his character easy to pull off in a pinch.
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Who wouldn't want a Mad Hatter snapback?
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Photo: @cakeworthy.
The original Lost Boy.
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Photo: @t0nek0.
You can catch us trying to re-create this stylish Gaston outside of the park, too.
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Hercules' Muses are the new #squadgoals.
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Photo: @leslieakay.
Disneybound founder Leslie Kay keeps it classic with a Mickey Mouse outfit.
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Photo: @jameschatstv.
Who smolders better — Flynn Rider or his gender-swapped counterpart?
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Photo: @aprilefff.
Who needs the other 99 Dalmatians when these two are cute enough on their own?
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Photo: @andyseyecandy.
This Disneybounding gang brought the whole Beauty and the Beast cast to life.
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Jaq and Gus show that Disneybounding can be as easy as pairing a beanie and a cropped top.
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Photo: @disneyby_b.
Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps meet their doppelgängers.
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This Disneybounder went all out with cow-print socks and a woody bow to match.
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Photo: @fairy_vz.
Everybody wants to be a cat!
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Photo: @brizzyvoices.
Dapper Day brings out the most well dressed Disneybounders.
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Gadget and Monterey Jack take a whack at Dapper Day.
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Photo: @lilraecakes.
Watch out for Cruella de Vil.
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Looks like Woody rounded up Bo Peep after all. This menswear inspired Disneybound is one for the books.
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How can you still make your Mickey Disneybound original when everyone else is doing it, too? Go for the unexpected Fantasia Mickey.
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Photo: @nann633.
Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix are the perfect Disneybounds for all of the fall pieces we already have in our closets.
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Who says you need a real costume in order to match with your kiddo at the park?
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This duo deserves 10 extra points for the dedicated portrayal of Mike Wazowski.

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